The Trail Went Cold – Episode 3 – David Cox

January 5, 1994. A former Marine named David Cox vanishes from his home in Medfield, Massachusetts and is found shot to death three months later. In 1986, Cox had been involved in a controversial “Code Red” hazing incident while stationed at Guantanamo Bay, which would inspire the hit movie, “A Few Good Men”. When Cox saw the movie, he organized a lawsuit and became an outspoken critic of both the film and the U.S. military’s activities in Cuba. Did Cox’s actions eventually lead to his death? Join me for a new episode of “The Trail Went Cold”, as I analyze the unsolved murder of David Cox.

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6 thoughts on “The Trail Went Cold – Episode 3 – David Cox

  • Wow.
    Lots of assuming.
    Best guess scenario.
    UPS angle.
    He knows about illegal activity involving several employees, including a supervisor.
    The day he is to be hired full time, he is killed.
    It was my understanding that he was walked less than a mile from his house into the woods where he was found.
    While both our theories require assumptions, mine requires a heck of a lot less assumptions.

  • why couldn’t your Marine join the lawsuit? if he had fallen on hard times, this could be money.

    did anyone locate Alverado at the time of the murder? does he have an alibi?

    I remember the atmosphere surrounding the military in 80’s differently than you. but I do agree, I don’t believe the military killed him.

    Marines are very proud and some of these proud soldiers might take offense to the brotherhood being disparaged on television by one of their own.
    I would be asking Cox’s attorney if there had been any threatening mail that could be linked to soldiers, ex-soldiers, or pro military groups.

  • Very interesting story I never knew that the movie A Few Good Men was based on a real incident. I think it is possible that one of his former buddies, the ones who got the OTH could have came back to visit him for revenge because he got to complete his service and get an Hon’ble discharge. it is not good to have anything less that an HON discharge form the US military. It can be harder to get a job on the outside and the service member can lose there benefits. He also wore this jacket and that would show he was with someone he trusted. but he could have been killed by someone ealse just as well.

    This case does reminded me of the Justin Burgwinkel case that was on Unsolved Mysteries back in the 90’s. Except this person just disappeared and has not been found and there was a movie connection with his case as well here is the link. I hope that you may want to condider doing an epsiide on his case sometime in the future.

    • Yes, I did think that anyone who received a less-than-honorable discharge from the military would have trouble finding employment. Hell, Cox received an honorable discharge and he had trouble obtaining steady employment for the next couple of years.

      As for Justin Burgwinkel, I would like to cover that one sometime in the future. I’m inclined to think he had some sort of mental breakdown and was not involving in some secret military operation like he claimed, but who knows what actually happened to him?

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