The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 11 – Jonelle Matthews

December 20, 1984. Greeley, Colorado. After singing in a choir at a Christmas performance, 12-year old Jonelle Matthews is dropped off at her family’s house by a friend. When Jonelle’s father returns home later that evening, he is horrified to discover that Jonelle is missing and the evidence suggests she was abducted by an intruder. In spite of an extensive search, Jonelle is never found and investigators fail to uncover any potential suspects in her disappearance. Our newest minisode of “The Trail Went Cold” examines a baffling missing children’s case, as well as its possible connection to an unidentified Jane Doe who was killed in Huntington Beach, California in 1990.

Click here to see Jonelle Matthews’ profile page at the Charley Project, and here to see the profile page for the Huntington Beach Jane Doe at the Doe Network.

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The Trail Went Cold is produced and edited by Magill Foote.

All music is composed by Vince Nitro.

8 thoughts on “The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 11 – Jonelle Matthews

  • When I was listening to this about Jonell…I just got this feeling like it sounded similar to what happened to JonBenet for some reason. Couldn’t pinpoint exactly why except perhaps the time of year it was, well off family? Then when I looked up where this happened and saw it was also in Colorado I really went hmmmm….

  • I think it was a crime of opportunity. The perp saw the opened garage door with no cars inside and tried the door to the house (from inside the garage) which was probably unlocked. Then he waited in the house or was maybe in the process of burglarizing it.

  • Don’t know if you read French or would find enough stuff in English, but a weird and unsolved case of missing and murdered children in Canada is the Viens-Métivier-Lubin case in Québec. I don’t think any podcast ever covered it. There is a lot of stories and rumors going around.

  • I find it interesting when I listen to crime podcasts that everyone thinks stranger abduction is a one in a million thing. This case, the one involving Maura Murray…. people write off stranger abduction so fast. When I was a young kid and teenager, I ran into questionable strangers ALL THE TIME. I grew up in the suburbs of BC, Canada and I was always running into strangers who were trying to get me to go off with them at every age. As a child I was followed home from school multiple times by strangers in cars. When I was a teenager I would be approached by strange men multiple times in one night trying to pick me up while I was walking on the side of the road. As an adult walking home from work, or just out late at night walking guys would stop and try to pick me up. One time when I was 12 and waiting for my mom to pick me up from an evening event at a school two guys saw me and parked nearby. They tried many times to get me to come into the car with them. When I wouldn’t and my mom finally arrived, they followed us nearly all the way home.

    My experiences were many and no one ever got me in a car. We were living in the time of John Horace Oughton and Clifford Olson so we were taught all the time at school about strangers. But I believe that some of these strange disappearances were someone rotten coming along randomly and convincing these girls to get into a car. I really believe that stranger abduction is way more prevalent than we think.

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