The Trail Went Cold – Episode 61 – Trevor Deely

December 8, 2000. Dublin, Ireland. After spending a rainy evening at a staff Christmas party, 22-year old Trevor Deely walks from a nightclub to his place of employment, the Bank of Ireland Asset Management headquarters. Trevor chats with a co-worker and grabs an umbrella, but after leaving the building to walk home and passing by an ATM camera over ten minutes later, he vanishes without a trace. CCTV footage would show an unidentified man standing outside Trevor’s workplace and interacting him with that night. Was this man involved in Trevor’s disappearance? For the first time, “The Trail Went Cold” will be travelling to Ireland to cover one of their most famous unsolved missing persons cases.

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The Trail Went Cold is produced and edited by Magill Foote.

All music is composed by Vince Nitro.

One thought on “The Trail Went Cold – Episode 61 – Trevor Deely

  • I watched the CCTV footage on YouTube and I’m pretty sure that the ‘man in black’ was waiting for Deely, and more than that I think someone at the Christmas party was in on it too, and was phoning the MiB to let him know that Deely was on his way. If you watch the video, the man is talking on the phone, then walks to the corner immediately before Deely arrives. It’s as if he knew that Deely was coming, but wasn’t sure whether he would continue down the road towards his flat, or whether he would turn in to go to his office. I suspect that when the party started to break up the accomplice got on the phone to the killer, who rushed over to lie in wait, but then Deely was delayed – maybe he had another drink or stopped to chat to someone before leaving, resulting in the killer having to wait for 30 minutes.

    Personally I’d use Occam’s Razor: I think Deely was bopped on the head and tossed into the river, rather than being taken away in a vehicle, and the police simply failed to find the body. The investigation doesn’t seem to have been particularly efficient (eg the failure to collect the video evidence from the ATM) and given the heavy rain the river may well have been running higher and faster than normal leading to the body being swept out to sea. The advantage of this is that even if the body was found it might be dismissed as an accident.

    As far as motive, there are basically two possibilities. Firstly that someone in the office was selling drugs and Deely found out and had to be silenced. The dealer would report to their supplier, and the supplier would arrange for Deely to be taken care of, which is why the MiB spoke to Deely – to confirm his identity. The second possibility is that Deely had found out about some financial irregularities, and again had to be silenced.

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