The Trail Went Cold – Episode 120 – Amber Tuccaro & Jolene Cote

August 18, 2010. Leduc County, Alberta. While staying with her infant son and a friend at a motel, 20-year old Amber Tuccaro decides to hitchhike to Edmonton. She never returns and is subsequently reported missing. Two years later, police release audio of a recording from Amber’s cell phone in which she can be heard conversing with a male driver on the night of her disappearance. Amber expresses fear that this man is taking her to a remote area and it seems likely she was murdered shortly after the call ended. Within days, Amber’s skeletal remains are discovered in a farmer’s field, but the voice of the male driver is never positively identified.

October 12, 2011. Parkland County, Alberta. After spending the night playing in a soccer tournament, 36-year old wife and mother Jolene Cote stops to make some purchases at Wal-Mart before heading home. The following morning, Jolene’s husband wakes up and discovers her body on the grass outside their rural home, and it becomes apparent that she was attacked shortly after pulling into the driveway. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police remains very secretive about many aspects of this investigation, but express their belief that Jolene was not a randomly targeted victim.

Listen to “The Secret Room” podcast, hosted by Ben Hamm. Special thanks to Ben for providing the opening narration on today’s episode, which covers two unsolved cold cases from Alberta.

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One thought on “The Trail Went Cold – Episode 120 – Amber Tuccaro & Jolene Cote

  • For Jolene Cote, police not revealing how she was murdered may be part of keeping key details secret to the public, so when they talk to someone about the case, they might accidentally reveal knowledge that no one else knows and thereby implicate themselves. Her husband saying she had a gash on her head, coupled with the fact that he is apparently a carpenter by trade and the house was still unfinished at the time of her murder means the weapon used might have been something onsite. That would explain what they were trying to find in the lake nearby. So take that, plus the fact that the house was somewhat remote and isolated, and I think Robin’s assessment about it being a foiled robbery makes the most sense. The husband and kids were asleep fairly early, and she was out, so the perpetrator might have seen lights out and either no car (if his was in the garage, or if they only had 1 car) or only 1 car instead of the usual 2, and thought the house was ripe for the picking. She came home, they panicked, and took her out before fleeing the scene.

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