The Trail Went Cold – Episode 149 – Robert Hoagland

July 28, 2013. Newtown, Connecticut. 50-year old Robert “Hoagy” Hoagland is last seen mowing the lawn outside his house. The following day, his wife, Lori, returns from a trip to Turkey, but Hoagy fails to pick her up at the airport as scheduled. When Lori returns home, she discovers that her husband is missing and that his vehicle and all of his personal possessions have been left behind. Investigators explore the possibility that Hoagy’s disappearance might be connected to drug addiction issues involving his son, Max, and a recent confrontation Hoagy had with some of Max’s criminal associates. However, they also cannot rule out the idea that Hoagy disappeared voluntarily, as he had once run away from his family on a previous occasion. This week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold” explores a truly perplexing missing persons case in which there is no conclusive evidence to suggest what happened.

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The Trail Went Cold is produced and edited by Magill Foote.

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One thought on “The Trail Went Cold – Episode 149 – Robert Hoagland

  • I think you missed the most obvious explanation for the disappearance: that his wife hired someone to kill him. I’d be interested to know if the ‘friend’ with whom she went to Turkey was male or female. Her behaviour was extremely odd to me: her husband failed to meet her plane, and couldn’t be contacted by phone, so she went to someone’s house and began phoning around before reporting him missing. However, given his problems with high blood-pressure, wouldn’t the obvious explanation be that he’d had a heart-attack or stroke, and might be lying helpless at the house?

    Additionally, this story about her husband always cleaning the house prior to her return might be a way of explaining why the house had been scrubbed clean of any possible clues.

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