The Trail Went Cold – Episode 165 – Todd McAfee

August 18, 1987. Manatee County, Florida. Todd McAfee, the 27-year old manager of a tomato farm, is discovered to be missing from his trailer after his employees arrive for work. Todd’s body is soon found in a nearby drainage ditch and he has been shot four times. Since a valuable gun collection was stolen from Todd’s trailer, he was apparently killed during a botched burglary, and police investigate a sighting of some potential suspects who were seen in the area in an orange van on the day of the crime. Years later, Todd’s former housekeeper, Ruthie Mae Anderson, is indicted for his murder, but the charges are dropped when the case against her falls apart. Was Ruthie actually involved in Todd’s death, or was someone else responsible for the crime? This week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold” explores a cold case which was featured on one of the rarest segments of “Unsolved Mysteries”. In addition, we will also discuss the bizarre unexplained death of 19-year old Tim Molnar, who vanished from his hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida in 1984 before his skeletal remains were inexplicably discovered over 1,200 miles away in rural Wisconsin.

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Additional Reading:

“101 Wisconsin Unsolved Mysteries” by Mary Balousek

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One thought on “The Trail Went Cold – Episode 165 – Todd McAfee

  • I think there’s enough circumstantial evidence here to think Ruthie and WIlbur were involved with it and probably set it up, and the orange van people were their associates. Scott probably recanted either because whatever help he thought he was going to get for his sentence fell through, or he got cold feet/was threatened for snitching. The answering machine message that was stolen was probably Ruthie explaining to Todd, in case he was there or got there before they did, that she was going to the trailer for something so he wouldn’t be suspicious when she and/or Wilbur showed up later that night. Todd probably arrived in the middle of what they were all doing, and it all went south from there (especially of the van people were as drugged up as the one witness said).

    As for Tim, there’s this recent Reddit post by someone who contacted the FBI last year with this info about a shady guy their family knew in that area of Wisconsin who would take in young drifters all the time, and figured it might have been him when they found out about Tim’s case:

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