The Trail Went Cold – Episode 172 – Claudia Kirschhoch

May 27, 2000. Negril, Jamaica. After she is denied entry into Cuba for a junket, 29-year old travel writer Claudia Kirschhoch is rerouted to a Sandals beach resort in Jamaica while she waits for a flight back home to New York. After last being seen walking along a beach, Claudia vanishes without a trace and most of her personal items are left behind in her hotel room. The investigation leads to a resort bartender whom Claudia went out on a date with before she went missing and there are enough suspicious actions from the resort to suggest that a cover-up might have taken place. Who was responsible for Claudia Kirschhoch’s disappearance and how many people were involved? This week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold” explores a frustrating cold case about an American citizen who went missing during an unscheduled trip to a foreign country and has still never been found. Special thanks to listener Allyssa Ramkerrysingh for narrating the opening of this episode.

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One thought on “The Trail Went Cold – Episode 172 – Claudia Kirschhoch

  • Both canine and polygraphs are notoriously unreliable sciences, so I think that evidence can be discounted, but Anthony apparently changed his seat covers soon after this all went down, and that is much more suspect than her scent or a hair being found since those can be explained away by them being on at least one date together. The resort and the police force being defensive and dismissive isn’t unusual since that’s happened before in a lot of these cases, like with Natalee Halloway, or Disney with Rebecca Coriam’s disappearance. I think it’s the other random details, like the seat covers and the pair of men asking for her at the resort, that ultimately shed more light than anything else.

    It seems that the usual culprit in these cases is human trafficking, and if that’s the case here, Anthony could very well have played a part in at least getting her targeted. The tip about her possibly being slipped something at a party (which could indeed have been on the beach, excellent point there) that got her killed could have just been rumor, but it could also entirely be possible too. I think it whittles down to one of those, and until more evidence is uncovered, it looks like we’ll never know.

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