The Trail Went Cold – Episode 183 – Dimitric Moore

April 23, 1995. New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Eight-year old Dimitric Moore tells his mother, Ora Lee Moore, that is he going out to visit a friend, but he fails to return home that night. The following afternoon, Dimitric’s nude body is discovered inside the trunk of his mother’s car and his cause of death is determined to be asphyxiation. Months later, Ora is indicted for voluntarily manslaughter after she is accused of drowning Dimitric in her bathtub, but winds up being acquitted when she goes on trial for the crime, Ora is acquitted. Rumours circulate that Dimitric may have actually been killed by some local neighbourhood kids before his body was placed in Ora’s trunk in order to frame her. Was Ora Lee Moore actually guilty of killing her own son? Or was Dimitric’s death the result of some violent bullying which escalated out of control? This week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold” chronicles a controversial story about the death of an eight-year old boy which has yet to find a conclusive resolution after 25 years.

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One thought on “The Trail Went Cold – Episode 183 – Dimitric Moore

  • I don’t think it was his mother, either. It feels like being accidentally bullied to death is the closest, most reasonable explanation. If an older kid was seen force feeding him dirt, that would explain why he seemed cleaned up when they found him, and why almost all of his clothing was missing. It would have been all stained, and a dead giveaway to how he died. The question of why wouldn’t anyone admit to this when the kids were all minors so their identities would have been concealed from the public, and the sentencing for an accidental death like this with minors involved would have been comparatively light, comes down to money I think. The parent(s) who helped cover this up probably figured Ora would successfully sue them for everything they’re worth. Not to mention anyone cold or callous enough to cover something like this up probably wouldn’t think twice about doing something this extreme to protect their own kids. I feel like racism could have been a factor as well, as the Moore’s lives clearly didn’t hold much value to whoever was trying to sweep this all under the rug.

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