The Trail Went Cold – Episode 187 – Rey Rivera

May 16, 2006. Baltimore, Maryland. 32-year old Rey Rivera receives a phone call which compels him to race out of his house and drive away before he goes missing. Eight days later, Rey’s partially decomposed body is discovered inside a locked conference room at the Belvedere Hotel. Since there is a hole in the ceiling, police conclude that Rey jumped off the main roof of the fourteen-story building and his death was a suicide. However, Rey’s loved ones discover some odd discrepancies which make them think it would have been impossible for Rey’s body to land at that location and they suspect he was murdered. They also believe that Rey’s workplace may have been involved his death and the discovery of a cryptic typewritten note behind Rey’s home computer brings up even more unanswered questions. Did Rey Rivera take his own life or was he the victim of foul play? By popular demand, “The Trail Went Cold” is going to be exploring the featured case from the premiere episode of the new version of “Unsolved Mysteries” and it will be one of our most in-depth episodes to date.

Additional Reading:

“An Unexplained Death: The True Story of a Body at the Belvedere” by Mikita Brottman

Rey Rivera Autopsy Report

Original Police Report

FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit Report

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2 thoughts on “The Trail Went Cold – Episode 187 – Rey Rivera

  • THANK YOU for mentioning how much the Elisa Lam case has been blown so out of proportion, it drives me crazy how people will twist the evidence of that case to fit some fantastical narrative of paranormal activity or her being hunted by a maniac.

    Rey having a break with reality and conflating and living out the stories of two of his favorite movies is…interesting. Given that the evidence points as much to a mental breakdown as it does to foul play, it’s at least plausible. I think in either scenario, as to why it happened, the missing money clip is key.

    Rey’s brother Angel has suggested that someone powerful may have lost a lot of money after one of his publications got out. If so they could have blamed Rey and/or threatened Porter to serve him up, or else. Given the call he made to Porter, and what his wife mentioned about how nervous and jumpy he was weeks before the murder, the call he got could have been someone saying he needed to get to the hotel ASAP, maybe saying that they had his wife. This following the 2 nights of the alarms going off is pretty suspect. He could have been dumped off the 11th floor after being beaten, and they threatened the hotel’s security to erase the cameras and possibly Porter/the firm to keep their mouths shut or they’d be next. His money clip being missing is a prime indicator of something here, like that it was a mob hit (robbing their victims is a typical thing they do), and that works even if it was an episode-induced suicide. He could have been robbed and then despondently killed himself afterwards.

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